We are Eureka, California attorneys providing estate planning, business, probate, elder law, real estate, and litigation counsel for Humboldt County and the Redwood Coast.

What's New

Happy Warriors

Have you noticed that sometimes lawyers like to act important and show off how smart they are? Not us. In our office, the important person is you. Understanding that is what makes us smart. We enjoy what we do, and that will come across to you in a hundred different ways. 

Our People

Our attorneys and paralegals are experienced problem-solvers, with a focus on our clients as unique individuals, and stubborn dedication to the highest professional and ethical standards. Our team has the perfect combination of smarts, charm, and can-do spirit. You will enjoy your time with us.



Humboldt County

We live and work in a unique place, a big rugged county sprawled across the Redwood rain forest of California's North Coast. We joke about the rough edges of Humboldt County all day long, but it is out of pure affection for the place we live. We love living here.