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We offer fixed fees for most estate planning. On other projects, we usually work on an hourly rate or a per-project flat rate that is negotiated before we begin. Our lawyers and paralegals keep detailed logs of the time they spend on your case. We count in six-minute increments (so you don't pay for a five minute phone call as if it took fifteen minutes). Our bills show all of the time that an attorney and paralegal spent on your case. We usually give an estimate of the final cost of a project, and will often work out a flat rate with a client on projects that have predictable schedules. All bills include reimbursement for costs that we advance for things like copies, court filing fees, court-ordered appraisals, and process servers. Our Partner rate is $350 per hour. The Associate Attorney rate is $300 per hour, and the paralegal rate is $125 per hour. We generally do not require retainers except for litigation and certain business and real estate transactions.


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